Amp and C-Ratings

Most motors will run at 60A-90Amp or More!

To find the Max Amps we can deliver to the Motors with a battery, we multiply the C rating by the Capacity 12.0 or 12,000mah. So 12.0mah * 12C = 144Amps.

Now we see we have 144Amps available from the battery. The motors commonly are rated for 65Amps. We multiply this by two, since we have two motors. Thus giving us 65 * 2= 130Amps needed to push the motors to max potential If ever needed. We have 144Amps total so this pack would work just fine.

If our battery only produces 30A and our motors are set at 130A (2x Motors at 65A), this could be straining the pack. Lets think of the Battery Amps as the Meal of a pack. Think of Motor Amps as how much it can eat at a constant rate. Your Motors are savages and power hungry! We do not want our Motors to be sucking that much blood out of the battery or our battery will be inside out before you know it.
As you can expect this would be violent and not end well for the battery.

IE: Battery will get hot and explode if to much current is drawn to fast.

We want to feed these beast with as much as it needs to be satisfied or more.
As we don't want are insides on the outside. This is/can be prevented with the FocBox Unity/Esc
but best to have a battery that can feed or more than feed the Motor Monster's!


What is a milliAmp Hour (mAh)?

MilliAmp hour means how much current a battery will discharge over a period of one hour. Higher numbers here reflect a long battery runtime and or higher storage capacity. Higher mAh ratings do not necessarily reflect on speed but more on runtime. For example a 2000 mAh pack will sustain a 2000 milli amp (2 amp) draw for one hour before dropping to a voltage level that is considered discharged. A 1700 will sustain a 1700 mAh (1.7 amp) draw for one hour. 1000 mAh is equal to a 1 Amp Hour (AH) rating.



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Krummy Bears

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