Xmatic (Android/Iphone)

Home Screen: This displays your boards data in real time.

Press the Head Icon to move to the Lifetime screen.

Lifetime Screen: This shows stats based on all rides tracked. it also shows your battery info and gearing at the bottom. Take note of this feature.

Settings: This is where you will fill in the values that match your boards specs. We will start with Metrics Bluetooth is how you connect and find your device.

Metrics: This you will adjust to what you prefer. Fahrenheit and Imperial are what we use.

Gearing: Setting up this correct can effect how fast the app shows you are going.

Battery: This is how two 6S Lipos in Series making up a 12S pack should look.

Make sure you have Lipo set. You can verify by going to your Lifetime Screen and looking at your specs at the bottom of the screen.

Lifetime Screen: The bottom here should say Lipo. You may need to restart for this to show or even toggle the opposite way than you think it should go.

Data: There is not a lot to configure here.

Speed Data Source: Set speed based on GPS or the gearing specs you defined. I like GPS but in some areas you may need to use MOTOR.

Distance Data Source:
This sets you distance on the GPS or the specs you setup in gearing. I like GPS but you can get a better average of how far the board travels with MOTOR if gearing is setup correctly. Air pressure etc etc can change after a few rides. Only expect the data it provides to be as good as what you set it for.

Auto Logging:
Do you want the app to automatically track rides.

Apple Watch:
use watch yes or no?

Double Data for Dual Config:
Never had to use this.

Can Bus FWD:
Never had to use this.

BLE Polling Rate (ms)
Never had to use this.

Styling: This only effects how the home screen board icon and colors look.

Stats: Live stats like motor temps and battery voltage.

Click to view Fault Log.

Fault Log: This will show you any faults or issues that your board spits out, its like a code reader for esk8's.

Clicking the fault shows more info. This fault was caused by powering off the board without stopping the app but can be a sign of a failing battery if you didn't cause it.

Modes: I do not use modes but you can use these to adjust your motor current on the fly. The main thing this can do is give you more range in some instances.

Clicking the plus lets you create a mode.

You can set Amps for Throttle and Brake, You can set how many amps you want to pull from your battery. Set a Max speed limit. This based on your Gearing setup. Max ERPM needs explanation. Max Watts needs explanation.


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