XT90E Guard and Seals (Download)

Electric Skateboarding XT90E Guard should be printed with NylonG.
The Seals should be printed with TPU for best results.
NylonG can take some abuse so long as its printed correctly.
TPU can be used to make a seal between the printed and non printed parts.

Please feel free to learn more about NylonG and its properties using the source link below.

This material should be dried for at least 12hrs although I have had best results
with 24hrs of drying in a air dryer. You can use a oven, just make sure its not one
you will be using to eat with later.

Nylon Glass Info:

  • Glass Fiber infused for extra strength
  • Excellent impact-resistance
  • Great inter-layer adhesion
  • Incredible tensile strength
  • Retains dimensional accuracy better than standard nylon

Source: https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/nylong-glass-fiber-filament/sk/M1ZZPMLX


Tools Needed:

3D Printer


XT90E Guard

XT90E Seal

XT90E Cover (regular)

XT90E Cover (goofy)