Not all Pizza is Equal. Tuff Krust has been around for more than a day. He is wise and hard as a rock. One bite of the Krust and you may not live to tell a tale.


Red flys the Skys and keeps people safe. His only goal is to make sure knowone takes a fall.

Known for his Grace.

Krummy Bears

These Bears Care! After Surviving the 5sec Rule, the 10sec Rule and even the 5min Mark. Now that they can no longer be eaten. They use there gummy insides to block impacts. Who doesn't want to land in a pile of gummy bears?


Evo is Part Lve and Lve part Evo. They Exist to Heal one another. Together they create a balance unlike anything you can imagine.

There childlike wonders keep them strong, safe, and secure from all forms of evil. They do no speak and have a language that is forever evolving.


Known for is acrobatics and action pack lifestyle. ZLE is a pro when it comes to finding the right materials for the job. He loves food, friends and is best friends with a Bird. Some have even caught this wingless worrier in flight.