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Zip-Line Sticker + Digital Art

Zip-Line Sticker + Digital Art

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Zip-Line, Zip,ZLE is one of a kind. No time for BS and can always find the Light in the Darkness.
Good and Evil knows and Respects ZLE as he may be the only one who can see the Beauty in Darkness. Thus All Sides Protect ZLE! When Hez out doing his thing he is something to be admired. ZLE can not be confused with otherz as he is know as one of the Best. Even a Rock could tell the differance from ZLE and a Fake.
ZLE is rarely seen and pretenders are Taken out by the sides that Respect ZLE.
In Short: Zip-Line is a Admiral of Moral Compass.
Motto: Never Fall For It!




Sticker & Digital Art.



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